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To go the extra mile, try to have some black details on your top half, like a red shirt with black buttons or a blue T-shirt with a black graphic on it. Any type of shoes can go with black jeans , but you want to make sure that your shoes color does not clash with your shirt. As long as you get all the shades right, like explained. In this outfit, I paired a long camel cardigan with a white tee and distressed denim for a casual night-out dinner look with friends.

What to Wear with Black Jeans. Choose your black jeans based on your personal style. When wearing black jeans, make a choice between either a black shirt for a sharp yet edgy appearance or a white shirt for a more formal look. For a quick and easy casual black jeans look, just add a white T-shirt, black biker jacket, and sneakers.
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Black jeans can be paired with a solid black dress shirt and a black blazer for a bold and handsome appearance that will turn a number of heads. It’s good to have multiple pairs of black jeans in a variety of different styles, much like you would with blue jeans.
Another flattering look with black jeans is an open dress shirt for men. If you have a nice upper body you can leave the shirt open, and you are guaranteed some glances from the opposite sex. If you have a nice upper body you can leave the shirt open, and you are guaranteed some glances from the opposite sex.
Find great deals on eBay for jeans and black shirt. Shop with confidence.
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Jeans go with just about any color shirt, and wearing black skinny jeans makes dressing even easier. Black is a neutral color that not only slims the appearance of the body, but pairs well with all .

You can keep it simple with just a white shirt or tee, or you can dress this look up a bit. Add a black leather jacket or blazer to create two very different vibes.

Add some accessories, like a cool neck chain, a slim tie or red hat See Ryan Philippe above to add some personality to you appearance. Black jeans can serve as a great anchor for your statement pieces. Their neutrality will make colors pop very well. This makes it perfect to wear with top garments in bolder colors or patterns. Bright and vivid is the way to go. To go the extra mile, try to have some black details on your top half, like a red shirt with black buttons or a blue T-shirt with a black graphic on it.

Alternatively, you could add some black accessories, like the guy pictured right in the image above. Wear black shoes with this look, except when you happen to own a pair in the color of your top half. For the all-black ensemble to work you need to get the shades exactly right.

For a trendier look, find tops with hints of fabric embellishments like lace, sequin or ruffles incorporated into the design.

An easy way to add a bold factor to your look is by wearing bright or deep shades. Red, cobalt blue, green and purple are just a few examples of colors that easily pair with black skinny jeans.

Other colors like bright yellow or orange are acceptable, although they don't make the best color combination. When choosing one of these bold colors, take into account your hair color and complexion. Red heads should veer away from deep reds and opt for lighter shades like soft pink.

The closer the hair is to either blond or brown, the easier wearing these strong colors will be. And again, everyone is different but these are just the styling rules of thumbs that have worked for me. For this look, some people might be totally fine pairing the sweater and jeans combo with black booties but I felt like the outfit would have been too top heavy. This is an instance where the sweater and jean light and dark contrast sort of needed to be a balanced out with a leather cognac bootie.

Going against what I said above about the brown booties , I think this outfit actually works. I think it has to do with the fact that the belt sort of breaks the look up and helps with the outfit being too top heavy. If you want to read more tips on figuring out what color booties with what and WHY, you should check out my blog post all about how to wear ankle booties here!

Here I paired my nicer-looking black skinny jeans with a taupe top and finished the look with suedelace-upp flats full outfit post here! I tried the outfit on with black leather flats but it just looked incomplete for some reason — the suede taupe ones just looked so much better. Wearing black on black will always be a viable option. In my experience, you want to add some sort of interest to the outfit to make it look finished.

I usually do this with jewelry, a scarf or a belt! And lastly, I loved this travel outfit above.

What To Wear With Black Jeans

Rock Your Black Jeans with Style. Black jeans can give your wardrobe a bit of variety. Most guys stick to the standard blue jeans, with which there is nothing wrong, but a bit of diversification is never a bad thing. Now that you know how to wear black jeans, you can go out and look for a . Black Jeans and Black Shirt Teaming a black shirt with jeans is possibly the easiest option when you’re after a smart casual look. Although you’ll be working with a lot of black here, there aren’t a lot of colours that are as flattering to the form as this shade, so embrace the look for a sleek, elegant finish. Figuring out what to wear with black jeans can be simple, but it's not always easy. Head this way to discover 30+ outfit ideas with black jeans!