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Updated September More and more hikers are eschewing the traditional high-top boots of years past and instead choosing lightweight, low-cut models that offer more flexibility and comfort.

However, there are many options for those who need walking shoes, work shoes, running shoes or even sandals that fit for high arches. We appreciated the casual styling and didn't feel out of place wearing this around town as well. Another thing to consider is its water resistance or lack thereof. Ghost Word The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. Basketball is a fast-paced game that requires basketball players to turn, jump, and run quickly.

Add some height to your sneaker rotation with the latest styles and color combinations of Nike men's high top shoes. Featuring classics like the Jordan 1 and Air Force 1, men's high tops come in a range of sport-specific and everyday styles, and are designed to provide all-day comfort, cushioning and support.
Fast, free shipping. High top skate shoes from Vans, Converse, HUF, Emerica, Nike SB and more.
The null hypothesis for this question would be that high top shoes are more effective for protecting your ankles while playing basketball. The alternative hypothesis in this equation would then be that low top shoes actually protect your ankles at a better rate than their high top counter-part.
The Brooks Glycerin is a running shoe for high arches, available in wider widths for the neutral and under pronator. Breathable mesh and synthetic uppers with 3D fit overlays for structural support and a more lightweight fit.
High-tops were originally intended for basketball players to help prevent injuries from sudden stops and quick turns. But the high-top shoe has become popular and fashionable in mainstream society, especially with kids.
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Design driven, performance high top gym sneakers for the freshest bodybuilders, power lifters and fitness athletes who embrace the fitness lifestyle in and out of the gym.

An ideal hiking shoe is stiff from heel to midfoot but flexible up front. Most models reviewed included a shank between the midsole and outsole, which increases stiffness and protects you over rough terrain. Stability is also affected by the forefoot width and the height of the ankle collar. To investigate stiffness underfoot, we tested the lateral torsion of each model.

Solid torsional support reduces the risk of injury in uneven terrain and when carrying a load. Holding the front of the shoe in one hand and the heel in the other, we twisted the shoe, similar to wringing out a towel. The more resistant a shoe was to twisting indicated greater rigidity in the sole.

This rigidity improves a shoe's support when moving through talus and rough terrain, or scrambling and hopping boulders. The Columbia Redmond and La Sportiva models are much less rigid and therefore less supportive. We were pleased that all products reviewed flexed sufficiently in the forefoot. We also measured the forefoot at its widest point on each product.

Wide bases provide a stable foundation for powering through each step. We also measured the height of the ankle collar from the footbed to the highest ankle point to check ankle stability. While ankle protection is more of a thing with hiking boots, we still appreciate a pair of hiking shoes that offers more stability than a typical trail runner.

Lastly, we also considered the quality of the insole. It appears that some manufacturers view the insole as just an opportunity to add cushioning and improve the fit of the footbed. We appreciated manufacturers that took the insole as an opportunity to add support to the heel and arch. The stiffest insole award goes to the Keen 's, while the Salomon , Vasque , and Merrell products also beefed up their insoles by adding a second, more dense layer of foam to the back half of the foot.

This extra support does not take away from comfort in the footbed in any case. While many hikers see buying third-party insoles as automatic, hiking shoes are not cheap, and we like insoles that aren't, too. Overall, the Garmont Dragontail proved the most supportive of the bunch. It has great torsional stability, and it comes already with a supportive insole. This was our first choice of all the pairs that we tested to use when hiking with a heavy pack.

The Redmond scored the lowest in this category. We were able to wring the shoe in our torsional stability test more than any other pair.

It has thin midsoles, a below-average ankle collar height, and a narrower forefoot width, which when combined all together, resulted in sub-par stability. How many things can one pair do? Several considerations went into our Versatility scores. Some of these shoes are comfortable on flat trails and rough terrain, and some handle moderate loads without wincing.

We value a shoe that is comfortable for short day hikes and also supportive enough for light backpacking trips. Do you want one do-it-all shoe or a quiver of options for different adventures?

If you are new to hiking, it's likely that a versatile, do-everything shoe fits your needs. But, if you have specific priorities and a bigger budget, two or more pairs of specialized shoes could give you focused performance. Keep in mind that a shoe designed for hiking is only part of your adventure footwear quiver, which might already include boots, trail running shoes, approach shoes, etc.

At a bare minimum, a product in this category must handle several miles with a light daypack stuffed with a water bottle, snacks, an extra layer, and a camera. All models we reviewed pass this low standard. During testing, we also packed a midsize pack with pounds and hit the trails in the contenders. After a few miles, the added weight of a pack separated the rest of the "pack. Out on the trail, we ran a few miles with a light pack in each pair.

Fastpacking adventures are fun and growing in popularity, and we wanted to know which models were up to the task. This trend is reflected in the market, as many hikers available look like beefed up trail runners. Several shoes in this review feel natural at a running gait, but none combined nimble running ability with powerful support better than the Salomon X Ultra. We also appreciate hiking shoes that don't scream "I went hiking today!

The Vasque Juxt does the best job blending in around town. Hiking shoes usually don't come in a plethora of color options, but most models in this review have a few different colors to choose from. It's no secret dry feet provide more comfort and warmth than wet ones. Moisture and water in the footbed also increase the likelihood of blisters. The trade-off for solid waterproofing is lower breathability, warmer feet, and a higher price tag.

Most of the shoes we reviewed had a waterproof liner, except for the Vasque Juxt and Merrell Moab 2 Ventilators. Many of the models that we tested come in both standard and "waterproof" options.

Popular liners include options from Gore-Tex or eVent, while some manufacturers, like Keen and Columbia , use a proprietary membrane. We chose to test the waterproof versions as much as possible because the average hiker encounters wet conditions often, from water crossings to muck and slush to precipitation and more.

Unless you're only hiking in Death Valley - and hey, even they get rain sometimes - it usually makes sense to have a pair with a waterproof liner. To score the contenders in this metric, we considered their flood heights, how readily the upper absorbs water, and performance in our waterproof challenge.

After a couple of months of hiking, we headed to a small mountain stream in the Eastern Sierras. Checking for leaks, we splashed around in water deep enough to cover the forefoot. We walked around and flexed the forefoot to see if the added stress induced leakage. After five minutes, we removed the shoes to see if any water made it inside. The Salomon X Ultra 3 emerged from the water on top of all other models. It has the tallest flood height 4. Similar water resistance effectiveness came from the La Sportiva , Adidas , and The North Face models, passing the waterproof test but having lower flood heights.

Any water these models did soak up dried quickly. A few seconds after stepping into the water in the Juxt and the Oboz Sawtooth , our feet were soaked. Not having a waterproof membrane, this was expected, and we only put them through this liquid suffering for equality's sake. Our feet remained dry for a few minutes in both, but they couldn't survive the full five minutes underwater. The Keen leaked more than the Merrell, while the Merrell absorbed more liquid into its mesh-heavy upper.

Water resistance declines with use and time, but we expected more from these two models after miles on each pair. All of these shoes benefit from a leather or fabric conditioner applied to the upper. Nikwax has a range of products that are great for treating the mixed material uppers of these shoes. A leather or fabric treatment keeps water from soaking the shoe's upper materials.

Even when water is stopped by the waterproof liner, it makes your shoe heavy and hinders breathability. The La Sportiva , Salomon , Adidas , and Asolo products soaked up the least water and dried faster than the others. The are many trade-offs when designing hiking footwear, and the cost for a more durable shoe is commonly more weight. When a manufacturer focuses on making lightweight shoes, durability is less of a focus.

Full leather uppers tend to be more durable than synthetics, but also weigh more. Rubber-covered toe boxes also increase durability in that high-wear area, yet again add to the shoe's weight. Durable, dense rubber soles are also heavier than softer rubber. Your hiking shoes take more punishment than any other kind of hiking gear you wear, making craftsmanship, materials, and design an important part of choosing a pair that ages well.

While we didn't test the entire lifespan of each product, we put a minimum of 15 to 20 miles on each shoe and checked them at the end of the testing period for any signs of weakness or wear. We looked at protection in high wear areas, rubber density of the sole, materials and construction of the upper, quality of stitching, and other unique characteristics of each shoe. We also read online reviews and talked to fellow hikers on the trails about their shoe experiences "Hey, how do you like your Merrells?

The burly Garmont Dragontail struck us as the most durable pair of the test bunch. The high-quality stitching, large rubber rand extending up the upper, and abrasion-resistant, full-grain leather of the Garmont lend their service to many seasons of use.

They barely showed any signs of the abuse we put them through even after three months. Both shoes exhibited poor durability, with ripping mesh and toe cap peeling, respectively, after a few months of use. Both shoes have poor toe protection, an area of high wear, and lack dense rubber outsoles to withstand rough trails. Not only that, this shoe is also very light so you can move more quickly and freely.

Wherever you play, indoor or outdoor, it is still nice to wear. It is suitable for players with the guard and forward positions. It has full-grain leather upper which provides maximum comfort to your feet.

It also has good cushioning with EVA midsole attached. Generally this shoe has good arch and ankle support, but not the best one. This shoe also has a slightly harder sole, so it will be durable for both outdoor and indoor. This one has Hi-Top cut and very suited for forward or center players. Check out the detailed review of the BB here. If you want the speed and fast movement, then these shoes can be the best choice for you. This synthetic shoe has a unique design and quite stylish.

It is really comfortable, but you must be careful with the size. It fits really small so you must choose the size larger than your actual size. Jordan has been the top selling signature shoe by Nike. Jordan brand has a great presence in the basketball world and lifestyle market.

The shoe has very good ankle support, resistant to pressure, especially on the court. This shoe also has an attractive appearance. It feels very comfortable, especially in the ankle and the sides of the foot. Check out the full review of this shoe here. This is the one and only Adidas basketball shoes on the list. There are many other Adidas products which are pretty good, but our choice goes to Adidas Adizero Crazy Light 3 as one of the best basketball shoes in this year. It is one of the fastest and lightest-low cut shoes with great cushioning.

Reviewed above are the 5 best basketball shoes in We hope we were able to assist you in finding the right shoe for your needs. This all changed when basketball legend Kobe Bryant went against the grain and bucked the trend in with the releasing of the fourth edition of his signature shoe, the Kobe 4.

This ESPN article describes the so called unwritten rule in making basketball shoes, and how Kobe started a revolution. My love for basketball shoes, and overall interest in the sport caused me to look into this topic and explore the differences between the two styles of shoes. Decide which if any is a better fit for use on the court.

And answer the question, do high top basketball shoes really give you better ankle support? The null hypothesis for this question would be that high top shoes are more effective for protecting your ankles while playing basketball. The alternative hypothesis in this equation would then be that low top shoes actually protect your ankles at a better rate than their high top counter-part.

A study done at Brigham Young University in March of dove deeply into this discussion of which type of shoe protected your ankles better. This is approximately eight years before the release of the Kobe 4, and the extreme spike in popularity and production of low top basketball shoes. This observational study involved twenty college aged physical education students at the university who has not had history of a lower leg injury within six months prior to the test.

The test was conducted to see which type of shoe caused the most amount of ankle inversion. The subjects stood on an inversion platform with a foot support base that rotated at a thirty-five degree angle.

This was immediately after sudden ankle inversion was caused by a trap door was pulled out with a string. The results were then recorded after the subjects stood on the platform with both low top and high top shoes on.

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Kick your style into high gear with sick high-tops to take your look to the next level. These shoes can step up basic tees and shorts with cool prints and interesting details that'll have all eyes on your fancy feet. High tops have become a classic look in the fashion world and high top running shoes are the perfect combination of style and function. While the high collar look is trendy and adds a nice flair, it also can prevent debris from getting in your shoes and offer a little more in the way of support. Designer High Tops. Lend off-duty looks some serious style kudos with some of the most sought after hi-tops with styles from Golden Goose to find the best pair of the season at Farfetch.