Pleated pants or not: pleats and trousers definitive style guide for 2018

After more than a decade of flat-front, slimmer-is-better propaganda, this news may come as an unexpected—and unwelcome—surprise to even the most enterprising men of style: Pleated pants .

When wearing a standard pair of wool flat-front suit pants with a single-breasted jacket or blazer.

Cuffs are out of style, like pleats
So if you need the cuff width to be about 2″ wide, the top of the cuff would hit right around the second or middle joint, like in the picture below: The Simple Cuff. This cuff works especially well with slim fit jeans. I like to use this cuff when I’m going for a cleaner, sleeker look with a client. I’d caution against using it with chinos or other pants, as the fabric can be a little floppy around the ankles.
Cuffs are out of style, like pleats
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Cuffs are out of style, like pleats

Pleated pants are better suited for larger men, if you have a large back and a large bottom you should definitely choose pleated pants. They are perfect for those who easily gain weight or during the summer to winter period. Do pleated pants need cuffs? Pants cuffs are .

You should not be dressing like a 70 year old man or a hipster in the office. However, user rubey shared a contrary opinion:. Helps the pants drape well IMO. Majority of my dress and suit pants are cuffed with a few non.

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I'll be curious to see if pleats come back. Popular Content See all. Upcoming Events See all. Recent Jobs See all. Suit Pants Cuffs or no Cuffs? Log in or register to post comments. Members that upload a resume get 2. Feb 3, - 3: Feb 7, - 8: No pleats unless you're a fat man No cuffs unless you're an old man. Feb 7, - Feb 25, - 7: Excel Model Templates and Training. Apr 17, - Go Premium - Annual. Aside from weather and climate change, cuffs also work well on taller, slim men.

The cuff will help to make you look slightly shorter and even a little more buff. However, for men who are vertically challenged or a little stockier, cuffs can be a nightmare to pull off, resulting in your legs potentially looking shorter and wider. Whether you add a cuff or use a hem to complete your look down below, it really is a matter of personal style in addition to the standard rules described above.

Cuffs can look very rakish on a pair of flannel trousers, but they can also break the entire outfit if not worn confidently. Your thoroughly informative article on the cuff was obviously not written off the cuff.

Well done as always JAS. Great article about a feature that is often overlooked and often tells me who put thought into his outfit and who did not. Looking forward to your answer! You can see many exceptions to that if you browse through the Style Guide. The flat-front trousers I own are hemmed, such as my casual seersucker suit trousers. Of course, all the fashion rags say pleats are so out of style… hahaha!

I like to cuff most all of my pants. How many inches should the suit pant cuff be. To cuff or not to cuff, that is the question There are only two ways to finish a pair of pants. So when should you opt for a cuff over a hem? There are two times where a hem should be your only choice: There are also times where a cuff should be the only option: When wearing trousers with two or more pleats.

The Final Verdict Whether you add a cuff or use a hem to complete your look down below, it really is a matter of personal style in addition to the standard rules described above.

Dress pants have two types of finishes at the bottom – hems and cuffs. Hems are the most common and men usually recognize this kind of style. Hemmed pants . Cuffs are out of style, like pleats") I personally cuff all my suit trousers and some wool/cotton casual slacks. But they're also quite slim and tapered, which helps on the look. Cuffed pants had a full break in the past, that’s no longer a fashion requisite. 2” is huge, 1 3/4” is big, 1 1/2” is moderate, 1 1/4” is small. If it looks right do it.